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Telerobotic for Surgery Application


The research conducted concerns development of a system to telecontrol a robot. This consists of:

  • a control station where the teleoperator pilots the movements of the remote robot by means of a mouse and three telecameras.

  • operating station consisting of a communication control processor and a robot

The research was conducted using:
- a telecontrol station
- an MS-DOS compatible personal computer
- a National Instruments LabWindows language
- an IBM 7575 robot
- an AML language

This system was used at the Roma Chirurgia '92 congress by telecontrolling a robot located in an operating theatre at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome from Milan.
Developments concern improvement of the telecontrol software and hardware and the use of satellite communications (a test has already been conducted at the Spino D'Adda centre with positive results).



Telecontrol station


Operating station

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