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  Cool Robot Of The Week
  Khepera Robot
  Risorse mondiali di Robotica (University od Massachussets, USA)


  AAAI 1998 Spring Symposium Series - Integrating Robotics Research: Taking the Next Leap
  American Nuclear Society - Seventh Topical Meeting on Robotics and Remote Systems
  Australia's Telerobot on the Web
  Australian National University - Robotic Systems Lab
  Beckman Institute - Robotics and Computer Vision Laboratory
  Bilkent University (Turkey) - Robotics and Sensing Laboratory
  Boston University's Robotics and Control page
  Bradford University Engineering in Astronomy
  Brandeis University Interaction Lab Page
  Brown University's AI Page
  Bucknell University Robotics Internet Resources Compendium
  California Polytechnic IEEE Computer Society Robotics Contest
  California Polytechnic State University Robotics Laboratory
  Caltech's Robotics Group
  Cambridge University Speech, Vision and Robotics Group
  Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute
  Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Sensor Based Planning Laboratory
  Case Western Reserve University Autonomous Agents Research Group
  Central R&D Institute for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (S. Pietroburgo, Russia) Home Page
  Columbia University Robotics Lab
  Cornell University Robotics and Vision Laboratory
  Delft University of Technology Control Laboratory
  Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt Institute of Robotics and System Dynamics
  Edinburgh University Dept of AI Mobile Robots Group.
  Euro-Robots Robot Simulators on the Net
  European Mobile Robots Archive
  Florida International University Robotics and Automation Laboratory
  Foundation for Research and Tech.(FORTH) - Hellas (Grecia) Computer Vision and Robotics Lab
  Free University of Brussels AI Lab
  Georgia Tech Mobile Robot Laboratory page
  Helsinki University of Technology Automation Technology Laboratory
  Heriot-Watt University Advanced Control of Manipulators page
  IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  Indiana University Robotics Page
  INRIA's Robotics, Image and Vision program   Iowa State University Project Cybot
  Iowa State University Artificial Intelligence Research Group
  IRF - Institute for Robotics Research (Germania) Home Page
  Ivy Tech State College Manufacturing Technology
  Japan's Robotics Research Map
  John Hopkins University Robotics Lab
  Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics
  Linköping Institute of Technology Robotics / Autonomous Mechanical Systems
  Lund University Cognitive Science Orienting Robot
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Robotics and Machine Vision
  Field and Space Robotics Laboratory
  Malaga University (Spagna)
  Middlesex University Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics Centre
  Mihailo Pupin Institute (Yugoslavia) Robotics Laboratory
  Monash University Intelligent Robotics Research Center
  Naval Postgraduate School Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  New University of Lisbon CRI - Center for Intelligent Robotics
  Northeastern University MSEL Home Page
  Northwestern University The Intelligent Perception and Action Lab page
  Notre Dame University Vision-Based Robotics Using Estimation page
  Oxford University Robotics Research Group
  Politecnico di Milano DEI Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Project (PM-AI&R Project)
  Portugal's Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica Home Page
  Purdue University Robot Vision Lab
  Queen's University Robotics and Perception Lab
  Robotics LabHarvard University page
  Rochester Institute of Technology Robotics Club
  Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm):Assembly Systems Group
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